Wednesday, April 1, 2009

april 1st

no shit, another month without a post. the dilemma grows. facebook? blog? twitter? vimeo? picasa? where do i post? web 2.0 is making it easier and easier to have all kinds of fun places to report on the goings-on of life, so choosing becomes harder and harder when the urge arrives.

i'll figure it out one way or another.

march was full of fun stuff: my first fantasy baseball experience happened with a draft at our house with jackson and a bunch of his friends, we installed a bunch of technology into yankee stadium, the toothbrush sanitizer is hitting the world of viral marketing thanks to a new web wiz i hired last week, had crazy fun and hard work in chicago for my annual visit (love that town), and got myself out on the dance floor in a pair of old fashioned roller skates for the first time in 20 something years.

if anyone's reading this, check me out on twitter at not sure what i am doing there yet, but i will find out real soon.

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