Thursday, November 20, 2008

tea me

last week cathy and i hit the mall for something i can't remember. probably something unnecessary.

we passed by a store called teavana, which is like the apple store for tea. really awesome. i went in because rich is a tea drinker, and he is in a new apartment, and i wanted to get him a little something. jameson helped us. he was off the hook (in a good way). very colorful. also in a good way. for the record his manager, whose name i cannot remember, was a control freak bordering on a real bitch. we spent a fotune (a tea fortune) and when the kid made a tiny mistake (which he was in the process of fixing) she quietly freaked and sent him away.

our quick stop turned into an hour of education, tea tasting, and a shitload of tea in our bag when we left.

damn that tea is good. i drank a hot mug of roiboos something-or-other this morning. delish. then i follwed that up (i am nursing a cold) with some balducci's packaged chamomile and i almost had to spit it out.

anyway, go get some tea at a local teavana or at

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