Thursday, October 16, 2008

socialist prep

since obama is on track to 'spread the wealth' and do everything his sorry ass can to make us a socialist nation, i figure that soon enough he's going to tell us that those with lots of data storage can afford to give some precious gigabytes to those less fortunate. if he can take a few bucks away from joe the plumber, he can certainly take some platter away from cathy the photographer.

so in preparation for government reallocation of my precious disk space, cathy and i added 4TB of magnetic goodness to the studio computer set up. now the house is humming along at about 9TB. that's all-in, including the laptops, but i gotta count them since their drives are available to all the macs in the house as long as their awake.

for automatic redundancy and hot swapability, we chose drobo from data robotics. for my fellow techies, especially brian and jason and kropper, here's a little video of me stuffing the shiny new drives into the box.


Jason Pinsky said...

pass that shit...

dude, this is what im getting..

jono said...

ok, i knew it would come down to this. that's why i already raised my middle finger at you in the video. i don't need a crystal ball to know that your I.T. eats my I.T. for lunch.

btw that dell thing is fuckin' siiiiiiiiick.

Anonymous said...

I love when my babies have I.T. conversations!