Thursday, October 30, 2008

extreme makeover - barack edition

you know that show on abc on sunday night, where they find a family that's emotionally desperate -- due to a lost job, sickness, bad luck, or just good old overweight american laziness?

...where there's at least one or two people in the family that are so sad and miserable that even the hosts on the show get all teary-eyed retelling the family's miserable story? where they build them a huge fu¢%!# house for free, with flat screen tv's elevators, playgrounds, themed bedrooms, jacuzzis, central air, and a whole bunch of furniture and gizmos? and send them to disneyworld while 800 people are building the house?

well, that's what barack's infomercial looked like last least the first 10 minutes. like he's gonna come in there and rescue you if you chose to have 6 kids and move into a house you can't afford. waaaaa. and he's gonna do it with rich people's money.

the whole thing makes me want to barf. especially since i already voted for the guy with my absentee ballot.

again, mccain is worse in every way, but this democratic tax thing, and health care thing is making me sick.

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