Sunday, October 12, 2008

ellyn, danny, gabby and sammy

ellyn and danny had a baby boy! liitle samuel benjamin logvin showed up on friday october 3rd, named for his great grampa sammy who checked out back in april. we were all together for the bris a couple of days ago in the same house that we sat shiva for grampa sam just 6 months ago.

i'm always a room or two away from the area where the actual bris ceremony is taking place, as was the case on friday at aunt adele and uncle michael's place. the rabbi did his thing, and from what i heard (both from family retelling the story and from little sammy's screaming) ths one took a particularly long time compared to what we are used to. i'm sure everything went fine, but this guy was no dr. phil (not the tv guy...phil sherman, the one and only who presided over jackson, jordan, sean, chase, and thousands of other fortunate babies who were "done" in a matter of seconds).

yesterday brian and his girlfriend jen, alex, and rachel, jenny, scott, sean and chase all came over for dinner and drinks (mostly wine, but scott and i chose to sip jack on the rocks for hours). it was great to have brian and co. up to the house for the first time.

today is a mr. mom day for me. megan (yay megan...we miss her!) came down from albany early this morning to meet cathy and go to long islnad for an all-day photo shoot. i am trying to get jaden down for a nap and then maybe schlep to the mall. otherwise it's a lazy, beautiful sunday up at the house.

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