Thursday, September 4, 2008

are the lazy days of summer really over?

wow, it's been a long time since i did the blog thing... on the last post i intended to kick off august with a bunch of posts after a slow july, but nothing happened.

well, something happened:

facebook got the best of me. pictures and updates wound up over in the social network world instead of here. weekends were full of family and friends at the house and in the pool, instead of time on the laptop posting here. free time (well, it's all free time but that's for another post) was spent on business, and spent well, as i've closed new deals and seen much success.

so there are stories and pictures and other fun stuff to post, but no guarantees, which is why the title above ends with a question mark, and i'm blaming summertime, when really summertime has nothing to do with my lack of attention to these pages.

what prompted this post? joshua. dad recently told him that there was a new rule: no tv til after dinner. so today at 3:55pm, he called dad and asked if he could eat dinner now. smart, cute, funny.


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