Monday, July 14, 2008

weekend update

again, a busy weekend! and as usual, chock-full of visitors.

friday night pahmer came by for some late-night hanging. we did just that...caught up on life, toured the house, and took a walk deep into the backyard.

saturday jerry and jeff came over to do some keynote work. then kropp came up, and he and jaden and i had lunch and chilled on the deck.

saturday night cathy and i went out with jen and jason. we got to see their great new house, then a quick stop at the pleasantville music festival to catch some of joan osbourne's set and see the waxlers, then dinner at le jardin du roi for yummy french bistro and some bordeaux.

sunday marion and alan came up for the day. pool, sun, lunch, then a ride on the harley for me, then dinner, then way too much guitar hero.

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