Friday, July 4, 2008

walt helps the cause

the wall street journal's walt mossberg and kara swisher are number 2 and number 3 in popular tech-reporting these days (after the new york times's david pogue, i.m.h.o.). of course the tech blogs like the giz and engadget are way-cooler, but we're talkin' mass-market here.

this week, walt wrote a great little piece on his website about switching from a pc to a mac. click here to read it.

it's not freaky geeky evangelism (the likes of which you get from me if you are a windows la-hoo-za-her); it's just good, practical tips to help you make the transition.

and as long as we are discussing walt and kara, did you know that kara interviewed me in 2005 and published a little diddy in the wsj about violight!? that's right.

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