Tuesday, July 29, 2008

tons to report!

there's been a lot of non-personal stuff happening on the blog lately...i owe some posts that cover the goings-on of the family, and they are soon-to-come.

look for things like:
  • the sazaki visit from tokyo, when we hosted our dear friends tak, yumiko, kohei, and hannah on their visit from japan.
  • then there was the evening at the stadium, but this time it was cathy and jackson at the ballpark. somewhere there are pictures for me to post.
  • jason's 35th birthday! another bash up at the house, with food, friends, kids, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and more food.
  • camping. this time the campgrounds were spectacular. 2 private acres, level grounds that bordered beautiful woods. first-class bathrooms, food, and grill. (ok, i am describing my backyard.) verdict from jen, scott, jackson, sean, chase, and me is that pitching some tents out on the edge of my property rocks! we want to do it again. this time we probably won't have the same weather: the coolest lightning and thunder show for much of the night.
photos and videos are being collected, so stay tuned.

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