Wednesday, July 16, 2008

@ history

the house that ruth built. the cathedral. the midsummer classic. the all-stars. fan or not, there's no denying the legacy of the new york yankees, their infamous ballpark, baseball in america, and the hall-of-famers that have shaped the game, and inspired the lives of kids and adults around the world with their talent and passion.

last night i had the privilege of attending the 2008 all star game in the bronx with jackson (the biggest fan i know), and even though i work with the yankees, have logged hundreds of hours at the stadium in recent years, and have seen old-timer games, world series games, and have traveled the nooks and crannies of the greatest baseball monument of all time, there's nothing like bringing your kid to the ballpark and paying tribute to the great american pastime, in the final year of the one and only yankee stadium.

we did all the requisites: ate dirty-water dogs, played catch on the roof of the parking lot, waited in line under the train tracks on river avenue, sat in the bleachers behind the bullpen, yelled at manny ramirez, got popcorn, dippin-dots, lemon ice, shared real tremont avenue bronx pizza with the fans sitting behind us, bought one of those giant foam #1 finger gloves, and kept score with our little golf pencils until too many players on the roster made our scorecard a confused mess. like troopers, we stayed till the end of the 15-inning game, somewhere mid way between 1 and 2 am.

it was great to watch the all stars play, but the greatest moment for me was watching the heroes of the unprecedented collection of baseball legends...come into the cathedral that is yankee stadium and pay tribute one last time. from yogi and whitey, to willie, hank, ozzie and reggie, and all the rest — this was a night to remember.

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