Friday, July 4, 2008

happy birthday

it's friday morning, the fourth of july. happy birthday america. (and happy 93rd birthday helen!)

something is up for me lately, where i have been realizing how much we take for granted when it comes to our country, our opportunity, our freedom, and what potential we can realize thanks to those that have helped shape our nation.

there's a lot more to this, like how we got to where we are, the land and lives we stole from the native americans, the political shenanigans, power struggles, violence, war, conspiracy, slavery, dishonesty (i could go on and on)...and then on the other side of these remarks are the sheer will and optimism of some of our great leaders and citizens, who have created an enviroment for us to thrive.

so here's a toast to the usa, and a reminder to look at the greatness of our country and the positive values we stand for. we should strive to uphold those values and maintain them ethically -- something we aren't doing very much of these days.

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