Monday, June 23, 2008

go to a bar mitzvah, get a caricature drawing, play some football

mazel tov rick e.!!! our cousin celebrated his bar mitzvah this weekend up in connecticut. jaden was the token baby at the know how that goes. everyone oogling and googling with her. she was adorable as usual. (i will post some video soon.) she sat with cathy for this portrait, and those cheeks and those eyes are pretty spot-on!

it was a weekend event, with family in from every corner of the country, so we did the hotel thing friday night, but left and came back home after the party on saturday night.

why'd we leave? a ocouple of reasons: 1. bedford is a stone's throw away from ridgefield and redding, so why not come home. 2. (the real reason) the elms inn in ridgefield has a pretty awful smell in general, but especially in room 30. it's a cute room...nice living room, good size bath, hard mattress (which i like), but man did it stink in there. cute place, though, nice staff, and part of quaint ridgefield. i can't speak for all of the other rooms, but no one else had voiced any problems.

then, jaden and cathy and i drove back up on sunday for brunch with rick and the family in redding. jackson spent friday and saturday night in norwalk at the marriott with his cousins david and zachary and their families (up from florida and atlanta). he and zach are jocks, so they roped rick and me into a football game in the backyard. so that's me, two eight-year olds, and one twelve year old playing a very aggressive game of two-hand touch on a pretty good size piece of grass in harvey's backyard. seemed like at least a 40 or 50 yard field to me. can you anticipate the problem coming up in the next sentence? right! age. my age. all my clothes are covered with grass stains. all my bones hurt. all my muscles are sore. but, in the end, after a 35-21 deficit, the pinsky boys came back with a vengeance, and scored twice in the final seconds to tie the score and save our reputation! this isn't just a baseball family.

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