Monday, May 5, 2008


coffee? espresso? cappuccino? tea? milk froth?

go get your favorite whole beans at a local gourmet market, or at starbucks, or at dunkin' donuts (my favorite by far), and then get a plumber, and then some wall space, and a staggering amount of cash, and then go get one of these:

stick it in the wall and several things happen. first, you press a button and place a cup under the dispenser, beans grind and noises and gurgling start happening and presto...delicious coffee comes out, as fresh and aromatic as can be, and you feel really good, and really cool, and really geeky and stylish. Don't add water, don't fill a little basket with coffee little pucks or cartridges to insert...even if you want steamed milk you don't have to stick a little hot metal rod into a metal cup of cow juice...this thing does the frothing for you. perfectly.

it also causes your guests to oooohhhh and aaaahhh and say things like "cooooool" and "siiiiiick" and "¿cuanto cuesta?" and "where do you add the water?" (which you never do) and then they ususally spend time trying to decide which delectable choice they will make...double or single espresso...cappuccino, or just java. they love it in the morning after a sleepover, and they love it at night after a big dinner.

so now that you have been introduced to the machine, there's another phenomenon that occurs as a result of having this miele masterpiece:

1. like on a farm, where a good ol' cock-a-doodle-doo rises your arse out of bed at dawn, now the sound of grinding beans in the kitchen does the same.

2. you become an impulsive coffee drinker. it's just there when you need it, and when you don't.

3. you become an espresso snob. this thing makes such good espresso, with the perfect crema, that most other espressos don't cut it anymore.

4. you have to go out and buy perfect little cups and saucers because of item 3 above.

5. every 200 cups or so you need to tak 20 minutes to run a pretty complex cleaning and descaling cycle on this thing (like an oil change on your car) but it's worth every second.

6. you are compelled to write a rambling blog entry about it.

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