Tuesday, May 27, 2008

close but no cigar

i keep trying, but failing. i drive the bmw and get the tank as empty as possible, so that i can go to the pump for a fill up that equals or tops $100.00

i never quite make it....today the pump made it to $98.00. that's a tad better than the last fill up, where i squeezed out $97.21.

someday i'll make it to that magic number....i just know it. someday.


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Marge Carter said...

we may have an answer for cost of gas. My husband is find out more about it today. I am in the process of setting up a blog. So will have to get back with you. I am marge I grew up in Hartsdale, NY, moved to CT now in sunny south Raleigh, NC and love it. I care for my grandson while both parents work in between my home business. What I liked about you blog you had color pictures and told a story. Thanks. Marge Carter