Friday, May 30, 2008

spring house

no people, just house!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

close but no cigar

i keep trying, but failing. i drive the bmw and get the tank as empty as possible, so that i can go to the pump for a fill up that equals or tops $100.00

i never quite make the pump made it to $98.00. that's a tad better than the last fill up, where i squeezed out $97.21.

someday i'll make it to that magic number....i just know it. someday.

Friday, May 23, 2008


this weekend the house is getting used, bigtime.

mom and vince are here already, jen, scott, sean and chase come tomorrow. marion and al and beth and jason and jordan on sunday. the in-laws stay til tuesday. we're all going to have a great time; maybe even some swimming on sunday. stay tuned for a weekend roundup after the holiday.

funny how a used house (imho) is a good thing. other things, when they're used, aren't seen in such a positive connotation. used cars, used women, used tissues, and gum.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

the cat's out of the bag

so the ritz carlton weekend was for a reason that i wouldn't disclose until now:

happy birthday jason! jen threw a great surprise party for him at paniche, right next door to our colossal hotel, and that was the reason our weekend getaway was so close to home.

marc and stacey and jeff and debbie came up to the suite for drinks and stories beforehand, and they returned for some late night batties socializing afterward, along with our new friends jordy and rory from old greenwich.

the party was a blast. good food, drink, and great toasts with great anecdotes from friends and family, and best of all, jason.

Saturday, May 17, 2008


luxury hotels
stocked with fine things except
good toilet paper

puttin' on the ritz

wherever you go, there you are. so when cathy and i wanted to pamper ourselves for a couple of days, but couldn't go too far since were invited to a party close to home, we chose the spankin' new ritz-carlton right here in white plains.

we arrived last night, and the ritz changed our room from a big suite to a bigger suite (thanks ritz) and we went down to the chic lounge for (too many) drinks and some late night fare. so far today we slept late, had croissants and fruit in bed, watched 3:10 to yuma (quite good) and then had lunch outside at the black bear saloon, walked around the bustling, revived downtown, and then headed to the mall for some browsing at crate and barrel and banana. the carvel i had along the way was gross. we headed home for a nap and shower before some pre-party entertaining for some old friends. more later.

Sunday, May 11, 2008


even if you have a video camera, go get a flip right now. i've known about these for a while, but didn't get my hands on one until cathy unwrapped my mother's day gift this morning. it took her about 10 seconds to start shooting, and later this afternoon it took another 10 seconds to start using the video on our imac.

no tapes, no cords, no waiting for charged batteries, and it's very easy on your wallet.

check out some footage from my new vimeo page in the post just below this one.

why we make babies

why we make babies from jono pinsky on Vimeo.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

more bathys goodness

if you know me, you know that one of my wrists is always sporting my original bathys '100 fathoms' timepiece. if you don't know me well enough to see my wrists, you might have read my blog entries from last spring touting my bathys favorite.

even though this is a late report, john patterson has done it again over on the rock called kauai: he built the bathys 'benthic' and created another must-have. get yours before they're all gone.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

second spring

jaden's second spring. this morning in our backyard she got to use some of her favorite words: "tree, flower, bird, ribbit, cintia, mama, dada," and my favorite: "wow."

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

jump on the bandwagon

go see iron man, and not just because everyone's doing it ($100,000,000+ this past weekend), but becuase it rocks.

robert downey jr. will have his hands full of his tony stark counterpart for many months to come, because as soon as the current hype wears off it's back to the studio lot and cgi processors for the sequel, already announced for 2010. it will be worth the wait.

this was probably the first marvel blockbuster we haven't seen with jeff and debbie. i can't wait for his review, since he's the one who can compare the movie to the true characters of the original comic. our outing was unique nonetheless...cathy, jackson, grampa joel, and me, on a monday night after work and pizza.

Monday, May 5, 2008


coffee? espresso? cappuccino? tea? milk froth?

go get your favorite whole beans at a local gourmet market, or at starbucks, or at dunkin' donuts (my favorite by far), and then get a plumber, and then some wall space, and a staggering amount of cash, and then go get one of these:

stick it in the wall and several things happen. first, you press a button and place a cup under the dispenser, beans grind and noises and gurgling start happening and presto...delicious coffee comes out, as fresh and aromatic as can be, and you feel really good, and really cool, and really geeky and stylish. Don't add water, don't fill a little basket with coffee little pucks or cartridges to insert...even if you want steamed milk you don't have to stick a little hot metal rod into a metal cup of cow juice...this thing does the frothing for you. perfectly.

it also causes your guests to oooohhhh and aaaahhh and say things like "cooooool" and "siiiiiick" and "¿cuanto cuesta?" and "where do you add the water?" (which you never do) and then they ususally spend time trying to decide which delectable choice they will make...double or single espresso...cappuccino, or just java. they love it in the morning after a sleepover, and they love it at night after a big dinner.

so now that you have been introduced to the machine, there's another phenomenon that occurs as a result of having this miele masterpiece:

1. like on a farm, where a good ol' cock-a-doodle-doo rises your arse out of bed at dawn, now the sound of grinding beans in the kitchen does the same.

2. you become an impulsive coffee drinker. it's just there when you need it, and when you don't.

3. you become an espresso snob. this thing makes such good espresso, with the perfect crema, that most other espressos don't cut it anymore.

4. you have to go out and buy perfect little cups and saucers because of item 3 above.

5. every 200 cups or so you need to tak 20 minutes to run a pretty complex cleaning and descaling cycle on this thing (like an oil change on your car) but it's worth every second.

6. you are compelled to write a rambling blog entry about it.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

i cry on planes

one day, a long time ago, before all the hype, i was on a plane and read a little book called "the bridges of madison county" and i cried like a baby. i can't remember who was in the cheesey movie, or if i even saw it, but that book had me balling.

then, today, i watched "bridge to terabithia" on my laptop flying from dallas to dc, and again, cried like a pansy right on cue. i stopped crying when i came to realize that i have a crush on zooey deschanel. then i started crying again.

and before that, on the way down to charlotte this morning, i got an email from mom with the following letter attached, and that was when i had my morning airplane cry-session.

April 28, 2008

Mr. Robert Longo, President

Atlantic Cloisters Association Inc.

1299 S. Ocean Blvd.

Boca Raton, FL 33432

Dear Bob,

I am writing at the request of and on the behalf of the “Swim Group” (although we do not swim), aka the “Pool Pals”.

Sam Greif, our beloved leader of the Swim Group/Pool Pals, passed away on April 10, 2008. Sam was a devoted, dynamic, and enthusiastic leader who gave of himself to others for the ten years that he lived in our community. He brought to the community a health-based exercise program designed especially for residents who were entering middle to senior age, although many youngsters participated from time to time.

Sam welcomed everyone who entered the pool during the daily hour-long program with a hearty, “Good Morning. Would you like to join us”? -- and he meant it! He gave special attention and treatment to every new person to join the group. He patiently explained and demonstrated the exercise as he progressed through the entire series. Moreover, he explained the purpose and the benefits of each particular exercise to the newcomer.

Over the years, many residents have participated in the daily program. Some have passed away, some physically cannot participate any more, and some have long sense moved away. There was always a core group of about 15 or more at the height of the winter/spring season who regularly exercised under Sam’s direction.

Sam was more than just a leader in the exercise program; he was a teller of tales and a generous and giving person who possessed a great sense of humor. He loved children and when they came into the pool area he singled them out for special attention. Sam had a large family – children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren – of whom he spoke lovingly, and he shared with the group pictures and stories about them. He was a loving and generous man.

Sam had a loud, commanding voice that could be heard throughout the pool area, and some said so much so that it sometimes woke them on a peaceful Sunday morning. We loved him and respected him. He knitted together a group of residents who became friends, who shared experiences, who helped each other, and who talked together about ways to make our community a better place to live and play.

Sam gave his heart and soul to his friends and to his dedication to helping others. On his last day of life, he led our group in the exercise program. Near the end of the series, he stepped aside for the last few exercises to rest a few minutes before meeting a therapist at 11:00 o’clock. He walked back to his apartment, sat down in his favorite chair and expired. So much that he loved and respected us that he gave to us his last few minutes on this earth.

In his honor and memory, the Swim Group/Pool Pals respectfully request the Board of Directors to approve the naming of the pool as “The Sam Greif Pool” and the placement of an appropriate plaque in his honor.

Very truly yours,

The Pool Pals

(Representing the Pool Pals for this correspondence, Ernie Cross)

from 5:30am to midnight, in exchange for 40 minutes

yep. here i am. washington dulles airport. gate a3. 9:20pm. came from dallas. going to white plains. before dallas i was in charlotte. before charlotte i was in...ummm...oh yeah...white plains. this marathon was for 40 minutes with a buyer at dillard's department stores in arlington texas. good meeting. they want some toothbrush sanitizers. maybe for fall '08.

one thing they know how to do in texas is fly some really big, really tall american flags. everything is bigger in texas.