Friday, April 18, 2008

spoiled rotten

a long time ago, somebody decided to take off and land their airplane on a runway they built in a clearing of trees in westchester county. that undertaking evolved into an airport, probably first for small aircraft, then for private jets, and eventually commercial flights. maybe at some point there was even some military activity. maybe all of my assumptions are incorrect, and i could be more informative if i visit the airport's website.

anyway, whatever happened, happened. then jetBlue decided to start flying in and out of the airport last year, and my life changed forever. before this, the trip to the airport (jfk, newark, or laguardia) was quite a chore, and took a ton of time. traffic, parking or navigating the airport, hiring a car service, leaving early enough, spending an extra hour or more in the car before even starting the crowd-hustle, or after finally landing and waiting for luggage.

now, check this:
check in time: about 11 am
leave the house: about 10:45 am
that's it. no traffic, no waiting, no lines, no nothing.

going to pick someone up at the airport? check this:
flight arrival time: 6 pm
leave the house for the airport: 6 pm
see, by the time you get there, they have taxied to the gate, got off the plane, got their luggage, and their out on the curb ready to go.

the drawbacks:
  1. no direct flights to tampa for my frequent tv appearances
  2. jetBlue flights fill up fast
  3. airtran is the other airline with the same destinations out of this airport, and that airline really, really, really pales in comparison. that's a polite comment.
all in all, there's nothing like flying when the airport is 12 minutes away.

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