Wednesday, April 16, 2008

sammy, mary, jono, and ken burns join forces to compress 91 years into 11 minutes

this is sammy's week. you can't over-blog about a topic like this one. thanks to everyone for the good wishes.

if you have about 11 minutes and you know any of the family,
this slide video will be fun to watch. it goes way back...

...brighton beach, merrick, mountain lakes, big hair, bar mitzvahs,
weddings, birthdays, and bunches of great memories.

michael and mary and jenny shared beautiful stories with us at sunday's funeral, and the greif house (the new one, not to be confused with the old greif-haus of shore drive) has been the site of a pleasantly chaotic shiva for the past 4 days.

props to chabad rabbi paul, a good friend of the family who mostly shows up when there's a milestone in the family. i really dig rabbi paul.

and, as sad as this all is, it's always great to see old friends and family.

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