Saturday, April 12, 2008

d-backs, another picture project, and farewell to a patriarch

jackson's first official 2008 little league game happens today. this year he's on the diamondbacks. from the first two practices I've attended, his team is really good; they should do very well.

then cathy and lindsay are off to a shoot a big wedding for the afternoon and evening, and jackson and jaden and cayo and i head out to long island to spend time with the family.

grandpa sammy

brian and the girls are on the way up from virginia. mom and vince and jason and beth and jordan are headed out there, too. i will be occupied with over 200 photos of grandpa sammy and the family, spanning the last 70 years, making prints and a slideshow so we can all reminisce. grandpa died at 91 -- there are 20+ years of great old photos from his childhood that we cannot scan easily. They are in a beautiful bound scrapbook mom put together for him a couple of years ago, which we will have on display for everyone to browse. One day we'll lay the whole thing down on a big ol' scanner and digitize everything...mementos, anecdotes, stories about him from friends and family. It's quite a beautiful book.

tomorrow he goes into the ground out at wellwood in long island, with the rest of the clan, and especially audrey, by his side.

death is one of those interesting phenomenon i don't always think about, but i do when somebody dies. i assume it's the same for most people, although i suppose some are obsessed with death all the for one reason or another. when i think of my own death and a traditional burial, i'm against it. it doen't make sense to me that we need to put used bodies into the ground & waste a bunch of space memorializing someone's memory, when there are tons of other ways to achieve the same thing. pass down stories, post some history on a blog, share photos and video, etc. I can understand burial from an ancient point of view, but i think technology can be much more efficient and honorable and far-reaching as a memorial, than a gravestone next to a landfill in suffolk county.

once i leave this body, burn it up. if you want to enjoy some of the energy that is jono, point your web browser (or whatever the coolest technology happens to be) at this blog, or close your eyes and bring me into your thoughts. it's easier than traffic on the long island expressway.

enough's some sparkly life to look at:



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