Monday, April 7, 2008


it happened. not bad if i say so myself.

jono and the girlz (yeah, you might recognize them from your flat-screen tv's: allison mack and kristin kreuk from smallville, nicki clyne from battlestar galactica, and sarah edmonson, another great canadian as-seen-on-tv actor) pulled of a kickin' party saturday night that has left me extra happy to get into bed before 1 am tonight.

we learned a lot and we are ready for the next one some time soon. don't get too excited unless your enrolled at a university somewhere, 'cause you're not invited.

and we had a great cameo from american idol's blake lewis, who hung with the kids for a while.

what a way to feel old. 39 is a few miles away from 19, but i can still dance without getting a cramp.

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