Sunday, March 16, 2008

horse shit and value equations

look, there's a lot of things about leftist democrats that i can't stand. and there's a lot about right wing republican conservatives that i just don't get either.

regardless of bipartisan opinions, one thing is becoming clearer than ever: the whole invasion of iraq, previously justified because of ties with al qaeda or because of saddam's weapons of mass destruction, was complete and total bullshit. and i'm not commenting on this because some peace-loving dot org type of group came out and said it, or because there was an op-ed in a liberal-loving paper like the ny times, but this time it was the pentagon itself that confirmed that the reasons for this war were bogus. plain and simple. the pentagon.

this week represents the 5th anniversary of the invasion on iraq, and this post is dedicated to the 4000+ american men and women who have died over there since we went in, and the thousands and thousands and thousands of others who have lost their lives or loved ones or way of life.

i believe in the right to bear arms. i believe that there are values worth fighting for, and sometimes upholding those values might risk or injure or harm or terminate life. but it's gotta be for a good reason. and if you're sure of the reason and the threat to the values you are trying to uphold, go kick some ass. but somewhere in a tiny part of my mind i just don't trust the current u.s. administration, and with all of the intelligence we obtain from current technology, and with all the ties this administration has to oil and arms production, i just cannot believe that the powers that were in place 5 years ago really and truly thought the potential threats they cited were real. war was desirable for other reasons. i wonder if they achieved what they were looking for. whatever it was, there were probably more honest ways to achieve it.

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