Monday, March 3, 2008

the 5 am hour

it's 6:19 am monday morning and i have been up for an hour. got through emails, browsed some websites, dug some debris out of my nose (with a tissue of course) and farted a few times.

i have been getting up this early (about 5 or 5:30) for about a week now. my body clock is re-adjusting, for a few reasons: 1) cathy started a new workout most mornings and she is out of the house at about 5:15. She's attending a super-cool bootcamp in Mt. Kisco. It sounds better than any weightlifting routine or aerobics/spin class...i think it's like a military-style class with some running, obstacle courses etc.; and in the warmer months the whole thing moves from a gym to outside. no men! the trainers tell cathy that the men are too competitive, not encouraging to one another like a group of women, and when they integrate men and women together, all the guys do is stare at their female classmates' anatomy. 2) i have been going to bed earlier, so i am up earlier. i don't function that well if i have more than about 6 hours of sleep. less is fine; too much sleep and i'm groggy all morning. 3) i am getting older, and as long as i can remember older people always got up earlier than i did.

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