Friday, March 28, 2008

Friday, March 21, 2008

hu nu about hulu?

i guess my head has been in the sand about this one:


Tuesday, March 18, 2008


one salad, ribs, ribs, ribs, swordfish, some fries, steamed spinach, good slaw, banana cream pie, creme brulée, and one espresso. that was tonight's dinner at bandera for the team at booth L12963 . love that bandera. there are a ton of places to eat in this great town, and many are more exclusive and fancier than this second floor cozy spot on michigan avenue, but since my first visit in 2006 i continue to love this, drink, atmosphere, service.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

horse shit and value equations

look, there's a lot of things about leftist democrats that i can't stand. and there's a lot about right wing republican conservatives that i just don't get either.

regardless of bipartisan opinions, one thing is becoming clearer than ever: the whole invasion of iraq, previously justified because of ties with al qaeda or because of saddam's weapons of mass destruction, was complete and total bullshit. and i'm not commenting on this because some peace-loving dot org type of group came out and said it, or because there was an op-ed in a liberal-loving paper like the ny times, but this time it was the pentagon itself that confirmed that the reasons for this war were bogus. plain and simple. the pentagon.

this week represents the 5th anniversary of the invasion on iraq, and this post is dedicated to the 4000+ american men and women who have died over there since we went in, and the thousands and thousands and thousands of others who have lost their lives or loved ones or way of life.

i believe in the right to bear arms. i believe that there are values worth fighting for, and sometimes upholding those values might risk or injure or harm or terminate life. but it's gotta be for a good reason. and if you're sure of the reason and the threat to the values you are trying to uphold, go kick some ass. but somewhere in a tiny part of my mind i just don't trust the current u.s. administration, and with all of the intelligence we obtain from current technology, and with all the ties this administration has to oil and arms production, i just cannot believe that the powers that were in place 5 years ago really and truly thought the potential threats they cited were real. war was desirable for other reasons. i wonder if they achieved what they were looking for. whatever it was, there were probably more honest ways to achieve it.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

heaven on the lake

ahhh, chicago. back again for the fourth time in 5 years. my cab rolled me into downtown after midnight; i haven't been here for more than 2 hours and once again i am loving this city.

i forgot it's the eve of st. patty's weekend, and just like 2006 the party is ready to start big time. the river is green and the bars have exchanged glass for plastic. tomorrow they open at about 8am and go straight through the following morning. in 06 i had my share of bar hopping and sightseeing on the eve of the housewares show, led by ex-pres jeff d., a chicago college vet who knew the ropes, and loved reliving some great times with lolita and me.

the next 5 days have a magnificent, sunny, brisk midwest forecast...typical for all the trips i've had to this metropolis. this year i am staying at a boutique hotel just off the magnificent mile. dunkin donuts is across the street, apple is around the corner, and everything else you could want to buy or window-shop, eat or drink is within a few short blocks. heaven!

why do i keep coming back? because on sunday, the ultimate engine driving the food chain of the materialism movement in the usa begins. more shit than you could imagine, all peddled by everyone from the little guys to the global brands, all trying to get the retailers of the world to buy and resell their stuff. the international home and housewares show. got a house? an apartment? a shack? a trailer? whatever you may call home, there is something among the millions of square feet of this tradeshow that is or will be in your abode, guaranteed. and you don't need any of it. none. nada.

all this while america's lenders gave billions to borrowers who simply can't pay them back. unemployment is up, the fed prints money to bail the lenders out, the dollar is plummeting, the markets are more volatile than ever, and some of the top economists in the world say that we are on the verge a huge rally so buy, buy , buy, while some of the other top economists are predicting the worst recession since the second world war. worse than the seventies... some say the housing market has hit the bottom while others say it still has far to go.

whether you are on the way up or on the way down right now, hold on. next week you could be on the other side of that slope.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


the kitchen

the dinner. click to play.

Monday, March 3, 2008

generation j

jackson and his uncle joshua in the studio. click anywhere on the grid for a larger image.

vantage point?

what happens when you have a great new au pair who wants to earn as much money as she can? i get to go to the movies, that's what happens! we went to see vantage point on friday night. we were in the mood for a movie and without knowing too much about this film, we decided to go based on the cast: dennis quaid, forest whittaker, sigourney weaver, william hurt. well, i think anyone could have played those roles. the actors were fine, but what made the movie fun to watch was the format: there is an assassination attempt on the president of the united states, and we see the same scene over and over again from different vantage points, about every 15 minutes or so. essentially the film restarts over and over again, but each replay is from a different perspective, focusing on a different character. it's quite entertaining. great car chases, great curiosity, edge-of-seat format.

the 5 am hour

it's 6:19 am monday morning and i have been up for an hour. got through emails, browsed some websites, dug some debris out of my nose (with a tissue of course) and farted a few times.

i have been getting up this early (about 5 or 5:30) for about a week now. my body clock is re-adjusting, for a few reasons: 1) cathy started a new workout most mornings and she is out of the house at about 5:15. She's attending a super-cool bootcamp in Mt. Kisco. It sounds better than any weightlifting routine or aerobics/spin class...i think it's like a military-style class with some running, obstacle courses etc.; and in the warmer months the whole thing moves from a gym to outside. no men! the trainers tell cathy that the men are too competitive, not encouraging to one another like a group of women, and when they integrate men and women together, all the guys do is stare at their female classmates' anatomy. 2) i have been going to bed earlier, so i am up earlier. i don't function that well if i have more than about 6 hours of sleep. less is fine; too much sleep and i'm groggy all morning. 3) i am getting older, and as long as i can remember older people always got up earlier than i did.