Monday, February 18, 2008

meat redux, all-day party, and brazil is in da house

quick recap due to limited time:
  1. stk was great. jen threw an awesome party. killer menu, killer drinks, & old and new friends. in the ever-changing nyc scene, nothing beats the meat market on a friday night at an elite restaurant. loud music, pretty people, big bouncers, expensive cars. it's all a little over the top but i loved it. we were the 'grown ups' with the private room behind the glass.
  2. saturday was jaden's postponed 1st birthday party. nothing too crazy. she's only a year old. just the family. of course that means over 25 people now that all the cousins have babies. and more are on the way! ellyn and danny reported the happy news when she arrived.
  3. cintia arrived from brazil last night after a 3-week visit with her family. what's the portugese word for au-pair? just before she left for her trip, she stopped by to drop off her stuff form the old host-family's house; yesterday cathy and the kids and i went to targ├ęt to get final trimmings for her room...curtains, towels, new sheets, alarm clock etc.
that's it for now. photos from the parties will get posted soon.

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