Sunday, February 24, 2008

a loaded weekend

here is a rambling recount of this long, packed weekend. i could have posted a few differnt entries, each with their own title, but instead it's all lumped together. read on for the four-day synopsis.

jen and the boys came over thursday afternoon since the kids were all off from school...they were going to leave friday but we woke up to our first real snowstorm this season, so they stuck around.

i left friday morning and headed to my attorney's office to drop off signed contracts for the old house. it's finally going to get sold...great deal, good price considering this lousy market. then i had a long day; got home and things got a little testy when i found all of the lights on in the house even though everyone was only using one room. in retrospect i was a bit of a prick, so i have to find a better way to express myself. jen and the boys stayed for another night instead of making the trek home on the black ice.

saturday we started with a big breakfast for the 7 of us. soon joel and vero and josh arrived for a photo shoot...decked out in black and looking very nyc chic. i will post some of their selections after they pick the winners. then joel and i hammed it up in front of the lens for a while.

when we were done goofing around, we rounded up the kids and the 10 of us went to lucia's in bedford for lunch. it took forever, the pizza was soggy, and the homemade gelato was relly, really good. dad can't wait til we open the pool for the summer so he can bring buckets of gelato up to the house from lucia's. i'll order the pizza from somewhere else.

we all went our separate ways after our long lunch. vince and cintia were babysitting saturday night so cathy and i could get to a movie...we went to see 'no country for old men' — one of the best movies i have seen. an instant classic. loved it big time. i usually like the coen brothers' movies, but i don't always love them, and i never liked one this much. really really good.

big fun: on the way to the theater i got the text message from the kropper; he is back in the big apple! (i texted him back and then wanted to call today, but forgot until right now. sorry kropper!)

today i left early for some business brainstorming in waterford with the girls and we made a lot of progress. p has some curiously delicious ginger chewy candies that i don't really like that much. but i have to eat them. i do like something about them. very strange. like a toothache that feels good while it hurts.

jackson and vince went to a chess tournament in greenwich. jackosn's fourth one this year. jackson called me as soon as the tournament ended. he won all four games. first place, again!

got home late, then cathy and the kids arrived from their afternoon and evening in jersey. finally in bed. the oscars are on the hdvr. perfect for tomorrow night.

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