Monday, February 11, 2008

a little political

obama, mccain, clinton...

personally, the idea of an african american or a woman in the white house is very interesting to me. i think the world view of the american public, and american government, which is pretty lousy right now, would do an about-face if we elected someone who wasn't a white male.

but the idea (i think) for the democratic or republican party is to get their nominee into the white house through a general election, and the question is whether or not the public is ready to put a black (is "a black" p.c.?) or a woman into office in 2008. it seems quite possible, sitting here in my n.y. suburban corporate office, but get out there to the rest of this promised land and i am not that sure. so either the democrats are correct in putting hillary and barack on the top of their list, or they are still recovering from too many acid trips in the 60's and 70's, or they are just plain dumb.

then, on the other side of the aisle, we have john mccain: nice guy, war vet (actually a p.o.w. and it doesn't get better than that), but not a hard-line right winger. in the years that i have been following mccain in the press he seems like a reasonable guy. and he's a white male, a statistic that has a 100 percent track record for getting the seat in the oval office. the other thing mccain has going for him right now is that he is the only one left in the front of the republican race. that garners a lot of media attention, which is good for him, as we enter the final months of the contest.

i really don't like hillary. too boring. too much of a politician. i like bill though, but he's not allowed to run the country anymore. and hillary is a socialist as far as i can see it. everyone deserves everything according to her...better healthcare, better housing. lower taxes for the's all a bunch of entitlement bullshit that fosters laziness and welfare, and devalues everything that hard working wealthy entrepreneurs bust their asses to earn. don't tax me more because i earn more. (more on that later.)

obama is a cool dude. not a lot of experience, but the last thing we need right now is too much experience, which could create someone who is too ingrained in the system of washington...the homogeneous herd corralled inside the beltway. (kinda like hillary.) obama comes from modest roots, great education, he's hands on with the people, he understands diversity and oppression, and he seems to be more in touch with reality in america. and the obama girl is a hottie. but, and this is a big but: he's a left wing democrat who probably wants all kinds of free social services for the lazy needy.

in the end, i think hillary and barack represent higher taxes, and a stronger federal government with more money and more national bureaucracy so that the country can get 'taken care of.' this doesn't foster capitalism. this doesn't promote good old effort. and it penalizes success by telling earners that they don't deserve the money they have made...instead the 'less fortunate' deserve it. and that the government is better suited to know how to spend our wealth.

don't get me wrong...helping the needy and fostering growth and wellness for everyone is very important for any community or country. it's a representation of our humanity and essential for our survival. it teaches our children to care and help others, and that's one of the reasons i think we are here on this earth. but don't enforce obligation! if someone with a lot of money wants to put their dollars back to their communities they should. but they shouldn't have to if they don't want to. and that's what taxes can do.

back to the other side, we have the conservative republican mantras regarding stem cell research, oil, war, abortion, religion...all summed up very similar to the tax issues above: let people choose based on their own ethics, as long as they are not hurting those around them.

how will i vote? for now i will watch the obama girl video again (posted here for your enjoyment) and think about the candidates a little more. great job leah and amber lee. this video might just get this guy into office.


Binza said...

hear hear. good perspective. now the real question is: is the obama girl a plant from the obama campaign? or just a chick out to get her 15 minutes?

jono said...

could be from the Obama campaign, or could be a publicity stunt for the girl. Funny thing is that the chick in the video is not the singer/composer. And Obama girl is already a successful model/spokesperson...just not NEARLY as famous as she is now.

Either way, (Obama-plant or self-promotion)it is working!