Wednesday, February 27, 2008

my favorite weather is windy

here's the 2007 “best film ad” winner at the international advertising festival in cannes. brilliant.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

a loaded weekend

here is a rambling recount of this long, packed weekend. i could have posted a few differnt entries, each with their own title, but instead it's all lumped together. read on for the four-day synopsis.

jen and the boys came over thursday afternoon since the kids were all off from school...they were going to leave friday but we woke up to our first real snowstorm this season, so they stuck around.

i left friday morning and headed to my attorney's office to drop off signed contracts for the old house. it's finally going to get sold...great deal, good price considering this lousy market. then i had a long day; got home and things got a little testy when i found all of the lights on in the house even though everyone was only using one room. in retrospect i was a bit of a prick, so i have to find a better way to express myself. jen and the boys stayed for another night instead of making the trek home on the black ice.

saturday we started with a big breakfast for the 7 of us. soon joel and vero and josh arrived for a photo shoot...decked out in black and looking very nyc chic. i will post some of their selections after they pick the winners. then joel and i hammed it up in front of the lens for a while.

when we were done goofing around, we rounded up the kids and the 10 of us went to lucia's in bedford for lunch. it took forever, the pizza was soggy, and the homemade gelato was relly, really good. dad can't wait til we open the pool for the summer so he can bring buckets of gelato up to the house from lucia's. i'll order the pizza from somewhere else.

we all went our separate ways after our long lunch. vince and cintia were babysitting saturday night so cathy and i could get to a movie...we went to see 'no country for old men' — one of the best movies i have seen. an instant classic. loved it big time. i usually like the coen brothers' movies, but i don't always love them, and i never liked one this much. really really good.

big fun: on the way to the theater i got the text message from the kropper; he is back in the big apple! (i texted him back and then wanted to call today, but forgot until right now. sorry kropper!)

today i left early for some business brainstorming in waterford with the girls and we made a lot of progress. p has some curiously delicious ginger chewy candies that i don't really like that much. but i have to eat them. i do like something about them. very strange. like a toothache that feels good while it hurts.

jackson and vince went to a chess tournament in greenwich. jackosn's fourth one this year. jackson called me as soon as the tournament ended. he won all four games. first place, again!

got home late, then cathy and the kids arrived from their afternoon and evening in jersey. finally in bed. the oscars are on the hdvr. perfect for tomorrow night.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Monday, February 18, 2008

meat redux, all-day party, and brazil is in da house

quick recap due to limited time:
  1. stk was great. jen threw an awesome party. killer menu, killer drinks, & old and new friends. in the ever-changing nyc scene, nothing beats the meat market on a friday night at an elite restaurant. loud music, pretty people, big bouncers, expensive cars. it's all a little over the top but i loved it. we were the 'grown ups' with the private room behind the glass.
  2. saturday was jaden's postponed 1st birthday party. nothing too crazy. she's only a year old. just the family. of course that means over 25 people now that all the cousins have babies. and more are on the way! ellyn and danny reported the happy news when she arrived.
  3. cintia arrived from brazil last night after a 3-week visit with her family. what's the portugese word for au-pair? just before she left for her trip, she stopped by to drop off her stuff form the old host-family's house; yesterday cathy and the kids and i went to targ├ęt to get final trimmings for her room...curtains, towels, new sheets, alarm clock etc.
that's it for now. photos from the parties will get posted soon.

Friday, February 15, 2008

uffy celebrates 40 years in the flesh

cathy and i are off to the meat market for uffy's 40th. we're going to get dolled up and go pose eat at stk. quite chic. i'm ordering my dead cow slightly more cooked than the girl in the photo. that picture actually makes me kind of sick. for a flash-enhanced experience of stk without the schlep downtown, go visit they'll even let you choose your own mood music in the lower left hand corner.

happy burthday uffy! and thanks jen...we love a hot night out with old friends and open bar!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

washroom antics

even though this is in german, and subtitled in spanish, this is still really funny. for those of you that arent fluent in german and spanish like me, here's the setup: the brunette at the sink is not in front of a mirror; she's in front of a glass window, behind which is her twin, standing at a sink in an exact replica of the room she is in. They move exactly the same, and the sinks work in unison on both sides of the glass, so it appears to be a mirror in a normal bathroom. watch what happens!

we meet again, dr. jones

i guess you're only as old as steven spielberg and george lucas think you are.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


i tivoed the westminster dog show this week. jaden loved it.

did you ever notice the wardrobes of the female judges and handlers? they wear the ugliest clothes i have ever seen, someone should tell them about it. and check out their shoes. and they are so out of shape. and their hairdo's. definitely 'beauty parlor' caliber. what's going on?

remember morphing?

is that me? or is it cathy? keep staring. its tripppyyy.

Monday, February 11, 2008

a little political

obama, mccain, clinton...

personally, the idea of an african american or a woman in the white house is very interesting to me. i think the world view of the american public, and american government, which is pretty lousy right now, would do an about-face if we elected someone who wasn't a white male.

but the idea (i think) for the democratic or republican party is to get their nominee into the white house through a general election, and the question is whether or not the public is ready to put a black (is "a black" p.c.?) or a woman into office in 2008. it seems quite possible, sitting here in my n.y. suburban corporate office, but get out there to the rest of this promised land and i am not that sure. so either the democrats are correct in putting hillary and barack on the top of their list, or they are still recovering from too many acid trips in the 60's and 70's, or they are just plain dumb.

then, on the other side of the aisle, we have john mccain: nice guy, war vet (actually a p.o.w. and it doesn't get better than that), but not a hard-line right winger. in the years that i have been following mccain in the press he seems like a reasonable guy. and he's a white male, a statistic that has a 100 percent track record for getting the seat in the oval office. the other thing mccain has going for him right now is that he is the only one left in the front of the republican race. that garners a lot of media attention, which is good for him, as we enter the final months of the contest.

i really don't like hillary. too boring. too much of a politician. i like bill though, but he's not allowed to run the country anymore. and hillary is a socialist as far as i can see it. everyone deserves everything according to her...better healthcare, better housing. lower taxes for the's all a bunch of entitlement bullshit that fosters laziness and welfare, and devalues everything that hard working wealthy entrepreneurs bust their asses to earn. don't tax me more because i earn more. (more on that later.)

obama is a cool dude. not a lot of experience, but the last thing we need right now is too much experience, which could create someone who is too ingrained in the system of washington...the homogeneous herd corralled inside the beltway. (kinda like hillary.) obama comes from modest roots, great education, he's hands on with the people, he understands diversity and oppression, and he seems to be more in touch with reality in america. and the obama girl is a hottie. but, and this is a big but: he's a left wing democrat who probably wants all kinds of free social services for the lazy needy.

in the end, i think hillary and barack represent higher taxes, and a stronger federal government with more money and more national bureaucracy so that the country can get 'taken care of.' this doesn't foster capitalism. this doesn't promote good old effort. and it penalizes success by telling earners that they don't deserve the money they have made...instead the 'less fortunate' deserve it. and that the government is better suited to know how to spend our wealth.

don't get me wrong...helping the needy and fostering growth and wellness for everyone is very important for any community or country. it's a representation of our humanity and essential for our survival. it teaches our children to care and help others, and that's one of the reasons i think we are here on this earth. but don't enforce obligation! if someone with a lot of money wants to put their dollars back to their communities they should. but they shouldn't have to if they don't want to. and that's what taxes can do.

back to the other side, we have the conservative republican mantras regarding stem cell research, oil, war, abortion, religion...all summed up very similar to the tax issues above: let people choose based on their own ethics, as long as they are not hurting those around them.

how will i vote? for now i will watch the obama girl video again (posted here for your enjoyment) and think about the candidates a little more. great job leah and amber lee. this video might just get this guy into office.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

new discovery

i may have discovered how to get some of the worst breath.
  1. wake up
  2. don't brush your teeth
  3. have a hard-boiled egg
  4. drink warm apple juice
  5. observe your breath

3 2 1

jackson's first chess tourney: 3rd place trophy

jackson's second chess tourney: 2nd place trophy

jackson's third chess tourney this weekend: 1st place trophy!

congrats jackson, and of course his chess-genius and my need to blog about it is really all about what this means about me, since i am the dad.

hybrids and higher mpg

fuel efficiency is increasing...doubling and even tripling compared to mpg ratings of the past.

at the same time as all these 'green' cars and trucks are arriving on the scene, the price for a gallon of gasoline is also doubling and tripling.

while we might be getting farther and farther on a tank of gas, does it cost any less?

of course oil prices are at an all time high. it makes good business sense.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

mobile blogging from yonkers

another saturday at a chess tournament with jackson. this time we are
down in yonkers at a montessori school.

jackson just won game 1.

I am reading "the future of reputation" by daniel j. solove. it's
subtitled "gossip, rumor, and privacy on the internet."

watch what you read, watch what you write. fascinating.

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Friday, February 8, 2008

aunt rhoda turns 39

this weekend is aunt rhoda's big party in florida to landmark a birthday. these photos are from mom's archives.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

who is emerson fig?

coming soon.

go get some binza

my long time friend and former coachee, fellow student, great performer, world traveler, star athlete, brilliant writer, and inspirational leader chris has had a great blog since way before blogging was oh-so-chic.

it's called binza and it's a delightful place to visit for everything from personal anecdotes to political commentary, movie reviews, and some days-in-the-life reporting of a soon-to-be iron man triathlon-er.

go check it out! i've made the link permanent over on the left where my other links live, so you can jump over there with ease every now and again.

and i agree...charlie brown finally getting the coke was one of my favorites.

giant sunday

the giants beat the patriots!

the superbowl party this year was super-tight; just the fambly, with some home made deluxe nachos, fresh guac, and other various gourmet snacks. like hebrew national mini franks. heineken light, vino...

jaden had a taste of everything but the beer. she went to bed late in the third quarter.

then, the giants scored the miracle touchdown, jackson and i got waaaay too loud, and sleeping jaden woke up startled and hysterical, eventually projectile vomiting all over everything in her room. that's why i can so clearly remember all the food we had -- i got to see it all again.