Thursday, January 17, 2008


it's hard to have a real verdict on the new MacBook Air, considering that they won't exist in consumer hands for another two weeks.

there is a lot of buzz on the positive and negative side, and i have to say that i agree with the pluses and minuses, and until i feel it and use it at the apple store, i am definitely undecided.

the benefits seem to be size and weight. big drawbacks could be the lack of a removable battery, no ethernet port, no optical drive, and limited disk size. the disk problem might be the deal breaker for me, depending on whether or not i want to keep all my content local, or get discipplined enough to just take what i need with me on the road.

otherwise i am looking like a strong candidate for a macbook pro...all the bells and whistles, all the time, but big and heavy too.

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