Monday, January 21, 2008


great weekend...friday night i saw charlie wilson's war. go see it. ton of fun, great acting. saturday jackson and i went upstate for sledding, a chess gathering, and i did a drumming workshop with charlie coolie. we listened to the dead on sirius all the way home.

vero, josh, and joel yachting in miami, holiday '07

sunday i went out for brunch ingredients, first alone then with the kids. cathy created a killer spread, including a delicious 'from-scratch' salade ni├žoise with dressing, for us and our guests, dad, vero and josh. it was a belated birthday celebration for vero and cathy. don't they look like movie stars in that photo?

then jackson and i dug in to the couch, and wavy lays, and lipton sour cream and onion dip, with the new pioneer dialed in to the giants-packers game in big hd glory. and holy shit, eli and co. are actually headed to the superbowl. jackson started a bout with fever at about 7:30, but was pretty much a trooper through the whole thing. he was feeling fine from the motrin when the final field goal won the game in o.t.

hell froze over in green bay

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