Wednesday, January 30, 2008

a new peapod

no, not the peapod web/grocery delivery service.

no, not the peapod maternity store.

no, not the famous 'two peas-in-a-pod' that describes two people or two things that fit together all snuggly and perfect.

it's a new p.e.a.p.o.d. —that's an acronym for parents. educators, awareness, prevent, obesity, and type 2 diabetes. it's a brainchild of one of mom's friends and it's launching at the housewares show in chicago this march.

and have a good look at the picture above. the cute little peapod mascot has a remarkable resemblance to my daughter jaden. wait...that is jaden!

is it ok for my daughter, a non-obese and non-diabetic (knock-on-wood and poo-poo-poo) little girl to be poster child for this new cause? well, she is cute, and cute will sell anything.

and it's a damn-good cause. look for future posts with more info.

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