Sunday, January 27, 2008

need your help!

even though i pretend that my mom is the only person who actually reads my blog, i know that's not true and that there are many more of you out there. some of you tell me that you read it occasionally, and some of you check in regularly but remain completely anonymous. some of you aren't necessarily anonymous to me, but you don't let on that you are checking my blog!

anyway, this request is for all of you, and it involves a little participation.

i am looking for help from readers who live overseas, or know people overseas. i want to know the names of the largest e-commerce websites on all of the continents...sites like or other on-line retailers that sell products in the health/personal care category.

so, if you might be from countries like germany or the czech republic, or if you might live in switzerland, or if you are from france or china and have relatives or friends you could contact...let me know by commenting via the link below, or send me an email. you might be stateside but know people in countries like israel, mexico, ireland, or australia. bring it on! thanks.

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Anonymous said...

got switzerland covered. will let you know. in Berlin right now. kropper