Monday, January 14, 2008

movie madness

if you have some kids and you don't have live-in help, you probably don't get to the movies often. same for me and my girl. so as part of this weekend's soho romp it was time to catch up on movies.

too much popcorn gets me all backed up.

cintia, our soon-to-be aupair from brazil, came to the house this weekend and stayed with mary and vince and jackson and far she seems great. jaden immediately took to her! she'll come hang out on weekends until next month when she moves in...and then it will be movies-whenever-we-want for me and cathy!

as far as the above flicks go, here are my ratings (5 stars is best):

there will be blood: ***
a great character study (cathy's words). daniel day-lewis was incredible. five stars for him.

american gangster: ***
scarface meets the godfather, and denzel washington is in too many friggin movies. ***

sweeny todd: ***1/2
i am a big sweeny fan. not a big tim burton fan.

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