Friday, January 18, 2008

kropper contributes!

awesome! kropper has just become the first guest editor of for 2008. only jackson held that elite title for 2007. it couldn't come at a better time, as i am about to celebrate my one-year anniversary as a web logger. here is the unedited post:

here we go - my first blog entry (in all lowercase keeping with your
signature style). first off i would have been shocked if anyone was
able to figure out your vague 462c reference (it took me a few minutes
to figure it out). for everyone else, 462c was the number of our dorm
room freshman year at syracuse. i think that room still probably reeks
of weed from when we lived in it. while I am very excited to be coming
back to nyc, it is somewhat bittersweet. i have had a lot of fun while
here in zurich and was able to do a lot of traveling across europe but
truth be told, the adjustments for work were a little too much for me to
overcome and that was starting to ruin the experience. i am fortunate
from a timing perspective in that a pretty cool role was open for me
back in lovely weehawken, nj and i am excited for the opportunity. i
will be revamping all of our crm systems. so there is the latest and
greatest from my end. looking forward to seeing everyone when I return
and looking forward to seeing your new digs.

p.s. i will pass on the mac air - i would rather travel with a full
notebook - but definitely a cool toy to consider


interested in becoming a contributing editor? send in your posts via email for consideration! -jp

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