Wednesday, January 9, 2008

geek week

it's my favorite time of the year.

no, not because october-january kicks off birthday season for most of my family. no, not becuase of chappy chanukah.

no, not because of christmas and holiday cheer.

no, not becuase of the dozens and dozens of holiday cards we gave and received so that we all know who really loves who.

no, not because of the tons of trips i have been taking.

no, not because the new custom iron stair rails were installed to help put the finishing touches on mianus drive (well, maybe i am a little over-excited 'cause they're friggin' gaw-juss).

but really it's my favorite time of year because it is the ultimate geek week at the beginning of every january!

that's right, ces is in full-swing in vegas (followed by the avn awards --but i'm not familiar with that), and then things get really crazy on monday when steve takes the stage for macworld '08 and gives us apple fanboys a slew of new goodies (we hope).

my preference for tracking all the highlights from the above shows (not sure of avn coverage) is at gizmodo, but there are a ton of sites tracking tech out there.

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