Wednesday, January 9, 2008

f. u. richard scott

wanna have some fun?

go to the richard scott salon and day spa in mt. kisco ny, and get a haircut.

then, you and your friends and family can get ready to laugh your asses off. you'll have a shitty, poofy, scraggly haircut (like i got). i actually noticed how bad it was after i left the salon, and went back to have it fixed, and it still sucked. even worse.

i'm not going to mention the name of the stylist that cut my hair, but i will say that it's a she, which might be hard to distinguish when you get there, since most of their male stylists have longer locks and more makeup on their face then fabio at a novella cover-shoot. (sans muscles)

what a fuckin joke that place took me a few seconds to calm down after the faux-big-city trauma from the techno beats, cappu-frappa-mocha machines, 6 inch pumps, silicone d-cups and plunging necklines, makeup and stinky perfume, and (this one kills me) the madonna walkie talkies in everyone's ear...the place is 5000 square feet of hot air.

i need to get back to setsuko.


Anonymous said...

I have had only good experiences at the Richard Scott Salon and Day Spa. I would highly recommend it to all my friends. Whoever this person is sounds like he would never be happy anywhere!

Anonymous said...

well where do I start mr diva "life is great so I dicited to write about it" It sounds like to me that you are very unhappy with yours so you have to bash other people to make your self feel better. Maybe if you were more open minded you would realize that a salon is a ARTIST PROFESION people express them selvelf's. Not everyone works in suffy office's. If everyone was cookie cutters of each other the world would be boring. The Richard scott salon is a wonderful salon and I have only had great experiances there.

Anonymous said...

I find this very peculiar being that I also am a client of Richard Scott Salon. The only difference is I have nothing but good things to boast about the professionalism and courtesy they bring to each of their clients. Contrary to how "Mommy and Daddy" used to talk to you when you would do something that upset them. Like molest your pet hamsters. And remember that time they caught you kissing your boyfriend on their living room couch. You remember how it felt? Don't you Homo... I mean Jono.Don't worry your secret is safe with me ;) It's not like everyone on the f*cking planet can see what I'm saying. Whoops! That's right they can.Well now you know how it feels don't you tiger.Hey, you know what girlfriend? I think we all learned a valuable lesson here. Maybe you should consider other people's feelings before you take out years of sexual frustration on a haircut you felt was not up to par. Hard to swallow huh? But let's face it at least you don't have a problem in that department.

Anonymous said...

i also had a bad experience at that place. it seems very pretentious.

Anonymous said...

this guy was commenting on the salon, and making a bunch of general comments. now it seems someone is bashing him directly.