Wednesday, January 30, 2008

pressman's pirate paradise in pembroke pines

these pictures don't show it (what was i thinking!?), but cousin steve and his family in pembroke pines have created a fantasy home that is on par with the best roadside attractions and disney-class theme parks across our great country.

inside and out, the house is a festival of pirates, dinosaurs, sea creatures, and pirates (did i mention pirates?).

we had a great visit with the 'uncle harry clan', complete with birthday cake and a dry-ice cauldron in the hot tub. here are the pictures, which i am very late in posting!

a new peapod

no, not the peapod web/grocery delivery service.

no, not the peapod maternity store.

no, not the famous 'two peas-in-a-pod' that describes two people or two things that fit together all snuggly and perfect.

it's a new p.e.a.p.o.d. —that's an acronym for parents. educators, awareness, prevent, obesity, and type 2 diabetes. it's a brainchild of one of mom's friends and it's launching at the housewares show in chicago this march.

and have a good look at the picture above. the cute little peapod mascot has a remarkable resemblance to my daughter jaden. wait...that is jaden!

is it ok for my daughter, a non-obese and non-diabetic (knock-on-wood and poo-poo-poo) little girl to be poster child for this new cause? well, she is cute, and cute will sell anything.

and it's a damn-good cause. look for future posts with more info.

cheeseburger in a can. i agree with adam. this could be both the best and worst thing i have ever seen.

that's right. it's a cheeseburger in a can. and i think it's real. click here for more from adam frucci at gizmodo.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

cruise shots

these are all from the makeshift studios set up on the cruise most evenings.

sunday snack

i am scanning some really really old photos for mary, and also some new cruise photos we bought on the boat from the schmaltzy photographers. (they do a pretty good job!)

mom and vince are here. mom and cathy are busy with something upstairs, grampa and jackson are doing something else (i think baseball-related) and jaden is sleeping.

i am eating super-luxe dark chocolate shavings (designed for hot chocolate, directly from sprüngli in zurich so i let them melt in my mouth straight from the container), gourmet green and red olives, an intermittent ruffle, all chased by some cold, crisp white wine.

i will post the scans soon. some are real gems. stay tuned.

need your help!

even though i pretend that my mom is the only person who actually reads my blog, i know that's not true and that there are many more of you out there. some of you tell me that you read it occasionally, and some of you check in regularly but remain completely anonymous. some of you aren't necessarily anonymous to me, but you don't let on that you are checking my blog!

anyway, this request is for all of you, and it involves a little participation.

i am looking for help from readers who live overseas, or know people overseas. i want to know the names of the largest e-commerce websites on all of the continents...sites like or other on-line retailers that sell products in the health/personal care category.

so, if you might be from countries like germany or the czech republic, or if you might live in switzerland, or if you are from france or china and have relatives or friends you could contact...let me know by commenting via the link below, or send me an email. you might be stateside but know people in countries like israel, mexico, ireland, or australia. bring it on! thanks.

sick sick

jackson's strep and associated symptoms lasted all week! we think he's ready to go back to school tomorrow. jaden's got the constant runny nose and cough associated with teething. a little fever here and there, too.

the plans for saturday included a small party for jaden's first birthday, which we cancelled, and instead we had a nice quiet day with marion and al. they are up from florida for the weekend. there's a chess marathon between grampa and jackson daily in the living room. marion cooked killer dinners friday and saturday night, and cathy made killer mexican when they arrived on thursday night.

today al and i might run over to the new ritz carlton in white plains to chck things out. it's pretty stylin'.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

one year!

happy birthday jaden!

happy anniversary!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

back in

i own apple again. after a couple of years of big gains, i sold all my aapl stock in exchange for house money. now, after the stock has fallen pretty far, i am back. couldn't resist, and earnings come out tonight.

in the past 30 minutes i have already made enough money for a nice dinner at nobu.

we will see if it lasts. otherwise my sell order goes in tomorrow to cover my ass in case things drop.

Monday, January 21, 2008


great weekend...friday night i saw charlie wilson's war. go see it. ton of fun, great acting. saturday jackson and i went upstate for sledding, a chess gathering, and i did a drumming workshop with charlie coolie. we listened to the dead on sirius all the way home.

vero, josh, and joel yachting in miami, holiday '07

sunday i went out for brunch ingredients, first alone then with the kids. cathy created a killer spread, including a delicious 'from-scratch' salade niçoise with dressing, for us and our guests, dad, vero and josh. it was a belated birthday celebration for vero and cathy. don't they look like movie stars in that photo?

then jackson and i dug in to the couch, and wavy lays, and lipton sour cream and onion dip, with the new pioneer dialed in to the giants-packers game in big hd glory. and holy shit, eli and co. are actually headed to the superbowl. jackson started a bout with fever at about 7:30, but was pretty much a trooper through the whole thing. he was feeling fine from the motrin when the final field goal won the game in o.t.

hell froze over in green bay

Saturday, January 19, 2008

the good stuff

have you ever walked through the supermarket and looked the tops of most all the little stuff hanging off the top shelf? that's where the really cool stuff is.

Friday, January 18, 2008

kropper contributes!

awesome! kropper has just become the first guest editor of for 2008. only jackson held that elite title for 2007. it couldn't come at a better time, as i am about to celebrate my one-year anniversary as a web logger. here is the unedited post:

here we go - my first blog entry (in all lowercase keeping with your
signature style). first off i would have been shocked if anyone was
able to figure out your vague 462c reference (it took me a few minutes
to figure it out). for everyone else, 462c was the number of our dorm
room freshman year at syracuse. i think that room still probably reeks
of weed from when we lived in it. while I am very excited to be coming
back to nyc, it is somewhat bittersweet. i have had a lot of fun while
here in zurich and was able to do a lot of traveling across europe but
truth be told, the adjustments for work were a little too much for me to
overcome and that was starting to ruin the experience. i am fortunate
from a timing perspective in that a pretty cool role was open for me
back in lovely weehawken, nj and i am excited for the opportunity. i
will be revamping all of our crm systems. so there is the latest and
greatest from my end. looking forward to seeing everyone when I return
and looking forward to seeing your new digs.

p.s. i will pass on the mac air - i would rather travel with a full
notebook - but definitely a cool toy to consider


interested in becoming a contributing editor? send in your posts via email for consideration! -jp

Thursday, January 17, 2008


it's hard to have a real verdict on the new MacBook Air, considering that they won't exist in consumer hands for another two weeks.

there is a lot of buzz on the positive and negative side, and i have to say that i agree with the pluses and minuses, and until i feel it and use it at the apple store, i am definitely undecided.

the benefits seem to be size and weight. big drawbacks could be the lack of a removable battery, no ethernet port, no optical drive, and limited disk size. the disk problem might be the deal breaker for me, depending on whether or not i want to keep all my content local, or get discipplined enough to just take what i need with me on the road.

otherwise i am looking like a strong candidate for a macbook pro...all the bells and whistles, all the time, but big and heavy too.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

zapi's coming

for immediate release

Remember that hot news item teaser from this Monday? Well, at about
3:30 am I received the "all clear" to release the big story:

The Kropper will return much earlier than expected from his two year
stint in Zurich. His company needs him stateside for a big new
position, and, being that he ain't no fool, he is on his way home in
about a month.

Look for him in the NYC area real soon. The Kropper and his global
employer were unavailable for comment, but if we are lucky maybe we
will see a first-person comment on this very blog. (that's a hint.)

Now all I have to do is turn off the damn "auto-capitalization" on
this iPhone so I maintain my signature "no caps" style on this web log.

Sent from my iPhone

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

apple joy

my iphone is updated, my itunes is updated, i am ready to go check out the new 'air' over at the apple store, and i want my apple tv. i think the 'sure thing' for me is the apple tv.

i also just found out that the wizards on my iphone for yahoo and gmail work with custom domains from each of those providers, so mu and yahoo small biz accounts work even better than before. i even think the yahoo bizmail 'pushes' just like a crackberry! turns out rob was right!

and joel will be much happier now when i reset his phone. (if he chooses to talk to me or show up tomorrow after today's "situation".) 

don't worry dad. as much as i love steve and jason, i still love you too.

Monday, January 14, 2008

macworld 2008 keynote: live

coverage of steve's macworld keynote starts tomorrow, noon eastern time

live updates will appear at:
MacRumors special site

Then Apple is promising a pre-recorded version at Rumors say that the big news is (finally!) a slim ultraportable notebook.

check it out; i'll be there.

juicy gossip

this blogger has some big news, and i am happy to say i was the first to know. and my source is direct...but it's not for prime time yet. you will have to stay tuned.

here is a reference to the subject matter of the news:
got a guess? post a comment.

movie madness

if you have some kids and you don't have live-in help, you probably don't get to the movies often. same for me and my girl. so as part of this weekend's soho romp it was time to catch up on movies.

too much popcorn gets me all backed up.

cintia, our soon-to-be aupair from brazil, came to the house this weekend and stayed with mary and vince and jackson and far she seems great. jaden immediately took to her! she'll come hang out on weekends until next month when she moves in...and then it will be movies-whenever-we-want for me and cathy!

as far as the above flicks go, here are my ratings (5 stars is best):

there will be blood: ***
a great character study (cathy's words). daniel day-lewis was incredible. five stars for him.

american gangster: ***
scarface meets the godfather, and denzel washington is in too many friggin movies. ***

sweeny todd: ***1/2
i am a big sweeny fan. not a big tim burton fan.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Room 934

soho chill

it's sunday morning at the soho grand. Cathy and I are here for the
weekend... Dinner and movies last night, shiatsu in the room this
morning, and now we will visit the b&d and then head out to brunch and
then shop shop shop for the house.

We want to check out cb2. Yesterday we think we found our new couch at
jensen lewis.

I think this is my first iPhone post!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

i wuv you, wittle baby

the title of this post is a quote from the pooh bear that santa gave jaden on our royal caribbean cruise. here's a short video, sans pooh, but with iggy pop's "lust for life" on the audio track, just like those cruise commercials.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

f. u. richard scott

wanna have some fun?

go to the richard scott salon and day spa in mt. kisco ny, and get a haircut.

then, you and your friends and family can get ready to laugh your asses off. you'll have a shitty, poofy, scraggly haircut (like i got). i actually noticed how bad it was after i left the salon, and went back to have it fixed, and it still sucked. even worse.

i'm not going to mention the name of the stylist that cut my hair, but i will say that it's a she, which might be hard to distinguish when you get there, since most of their male stylists have longer locks and more makeup on their face then fabio at a novella cover-shoot. (sans muscles)

what a fuckin joke that place took me a few seconds to calm down after the faux-big-city trauma from the techno beats, cappu-frappa-mocha machines, 6 inch pumps, silicone d-cups and plunging necklines, makeup and stinky perfume, and (this one kills me) the madonna walkie talkies in everyone's ear...the place is 5000 square feet of hot air.

i need to get back to setsuko.

geek week

it's my favorite time of the year.

no, not because october-january kicks off birthday season for most of my family. no, not becuase of chappy chanukah.

no, not because of christmas and holiday cheer.

no, not becuase of the dozens and dozens of holiday cards we gave and received so that we all know who really loves who.

no, not because of the tons of trips i have been taking.

no, not because the new custom iron stair rails were installed to help put the finishing touches on mianus drive (well, maybe i am a little over-excited 'cause they're friggin' gaw-juss).

but really it's my favorite time of year because it is the ultimate geek week at the beginning of every january!

that's right, ces is in full-swing in vegas (followed by the avn awards --but i'm not familiar with that), and then things get really crazy on monday when steve takes the stage for macworld '08 and gives us apple fanboys a slew of new goodies (we hope).

my preference for tracking all the highlights from the above shows (not sure of avn coverage) is at gizmodo, but there are a ton of sites tracking tech out there.


The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

got an imagination? use it. because i haven't chosen to find the time to post all of the images and videos from the past few months that are clogging up my various disk drives at home and at the office.

since the last posts, i went to tampa, came home and then went to boca for a day, then left on the jewel of the seas for some cruisin' with the in-laws and cathy and the kids.

the trip was great (for a cruise)...we went to key west, playa del carmen, belize, and cozumel. royal caribbean knows how to run a boat, a hotel, excursions etc. it's actually a miracle to me that all those big boats do what they do.

then we were back in boca fo a few days with the family...spent some time at great grampa sam's with mom and vince and jason, beth and jordan, and even got to see the puterman side of the family at steve pressman's house sci-fi-dino-jungle pirate palace.