Wednesday, December 19, 2007

more facebook

my on and off relationship with facebook is back on again. lately it's been a great resource to reconnect with old friends. some from 'cuse, some from the image info days in nyc, and some from albany. diggin' it. if you're not on there go sign up and get on my network.

linkedin has also turned up so old friends lately. the social networking wave is full swing for this almost-40 year old.


ok, so it's not just me that has been all upset that i haven't blogged in almost a i am starting to get email from regular readers that they miss the weekly content. (you know who you are.)

there's a ton of stuff i want to post...images and movies from thanksgiving, more from st. martin. problem is sorting through all the photos and editing down 2 hours of HD video from jason's camera. good news is all of the pics are in iphoto ready for selections, and the video is all digitized on my server.

i've also made some stale promises for pics and video of the new house. for that i think i will wait for some last minute additions...some carpet (stair runners going in today), finishing touches on the fireplace marble, and the custom railings (not due for installation until january 8th)

stay tuned.