Sunday, November 4, 2007

vienna morning

a quick round-up before my first full day in vienna with the kropper:

the family and me moved into the new house thursday as planned. all was pretty smooth. the usual slew of boxes, debris, not finding what we needed when we needed it, pizza delivery, plastic utensils, needing to adjust the water temperature in the boiler, and other little things you would expect in a new home were all part of the experience.

jackson and jaden were great...slept well in their new rooms... cathy and i were so proud of jackson and how well he transitioned so quickly.

of course i needed to go-geek and get the internet and phones hooked up right away. we took some photos with the iMac which i will post when i get back to the states.

friday was a day of more organization and planning for the new house, as well as planning for the rental of our old house after settling on a tenant from omaha as apposed to a fictional web scammer from nepal (long story for another time). then i packed, showered in the sink so i wouldn't burn myself in the too-hot-yet to be adjusted shower, and left for an overnight flight to zurich to meet up with rich for some days of old-friend r&r.

the trip was good, slept pretty well, and found rich in the airport saturday morning and we did the fruit and croissant and coffee (espresso) thing, then got on our next flight to vienna after some catch-up chatter and minimal trip planning of what-to-do-where-to-go over the next four days.

we landed in vienna, taxied to our hotel (well chosen by kropp in the heart of everything, near am hof and stephensplatz), walked and toured a little (after i lost and then found my wallet and had a shower), did the subway-thing to a ferris wheel for a view of the city (not recommended but better than we thought), then back to the hotel to get our coats, and then off to find a bar. just near the hotel at the end of a dark alley we hit paydirt: a really small, dark irish-american-austrian pub, locals only, covered in beer paraphernalia and thick with cigarette smoke and beer taps and good conversation and music from the 70's. we got drunk on a couple of huge beers, smoked some butts at the bar, and then we were off to a schnitzel joint that the hotel receptionist recommended. good schnitzel...then to the world-famous cafe sacher for a sacher torte, some apple strudel, and coffee (tea for rich), then a walk back to the hotel and i friggin crashed. that brings me to know...up and ready for sunday. gettin in the shower.

photos will come later today from the iPhone, and then after we get back to zurich rich will download from his nikon and the blog will get visual. just essay for now.

quick update: thanks to the web, here are other people's photos of some stuff we have seen so far. who needs a camera!

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