Monday, October 8, 2007

rosh hashana redux

i forgot to post a few iphone photos from the recent holiday.

jackson hole detour

over the past couple of years dad has been telling me about the city congregation, a very forward-thinking group of intellectual jews that practice "humanistic judaism". it was a pretty interesting service, and although i am not running out to join up, i was intrigued by their approach and meaning of religion in-general. check the link above to learn more.

after the service, jackson stayed with joel and vero and josh, while cathy and jaden and i headed out to long island for night 2 of dinner (this year at jeff and debbie's in oyster bay...where are those photos???).

on the way out to the 'burbs, we were hungry, and even though rosh hashana dinners are gigantic, and best approached with an empty stomach, we opted for a detour off of the grand central parkway to the infamous jackson hole airline diner in astoria for a hot, juicy, mammoth cheeseburger, fries, and vanilla shake.

fuckin YUM. it's one of my favorite places and it's always worth the schlep.

amazingly we still had room for dinner.

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