Tuesday, October 30, 2007

quick happenings

long time no blog, so here are some quick hits of goings-on over the past while:

jackson won third place in a chess tournament this past saturday. out of four games, he won 2 and had a stalemate on the other two. no losses. i was pretty proud. who knew he would turn out to be a baseball star and chess strategist. no complaints!

jaden has her first cold. ear infection. no fever, just a lot of stuffiness and mucous. she is delicious.

mianus is ready for move-in! that's right, we move on thursday. hard to believe. the house is amazing. big, beautiful, and feeling very homey even without the family and furniture. the kitchen is ready for a magazine shoot. maybe architectural digest. the custom cabinet company that built it has already inquired about a photo shoot for their own marketing. jack did a great job.

rental scam: we put up the hartsdale house for rent. we had an immediate offer from a doctor in the u.k. who was moving to new york to start work at a hospital in westchester. after much email correspondence, some fishy things started happening, and i sensed a scam brewing. i stopped the whole thing. the details are remarkable, but i'm not posting everything here. email me or post a comment if you really want all the juice.

tess is our new nanny! so far so good. she is from trinidad. more tess to come...photos stories etc.

november is travel month. i leave for vienna, salzburg, and zurich on friday! nothin' really going on, just hanging with rich bummin around on planes and trains seeing the sites. i have my handy wallpaper* city guide for vienna so we make sure we do it right...hot spots, great design, architecture, food, and sights in general.

then...after 6 years, we go back to a kick-ass villa in beautiful st. martin on november 10th. it will be a birthday celebration for mama mary (with my birthday too!)...jason, beth, jordan, cathy, jackson, me, jaden, mary and vince. jaden's passport photo is too cute. jackson's on his second passport already, and in the current photo he looks like a scraggly convict. awesome.

imac: yip, got the new aluminum imac. just installed leopard. it all rocks. overall this isn't a major os upgrade...didnt' need all the hype...but it's great looking, and is packed with some cool stuff. steve and co. must have needed some os revenue. this imac is going to look perfect in the new kitchen.

skitch! it's my new "can't live without" mac utility. if you are a designer, collaborator of any kind, photographer, editor etc., and you communicate visually with others via your mac, you gotta have skitch. it's beta only. it took about a month for me to get onto the beta program, but after a couple of days using it i'm hooked so hard that i'm touting it on my blog. that's software-love.

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