Saturday, October 20, 2007

family squared

love and romance at the genetti

too late and too tired to download images and post them, but not too spent to say a few words about emily's bat mitzvah tonight. she looked beautiful, did a great job at temple this morning, and i give her and the williamsport niditches a lot of props for being such a special family, and for living out here so far away from most of us.

i have always been grateful to have been born into such a big, close family (and all the drama that goes with it)...and even more thankful to be a part of cathy's big, happy, loud!, loving family as well. whether it's a wedding or bat mitzvah or the now-famous reunion a few years ago at the nevele, i really do feel like this is truly my family too. seeing jackson and jaden grow up with their cousins on all sides is a real joy!

and today we spent some very rare time with jane and paul, grammys sister and brother-in-law from way way out in port allegany (google-map this!)...they had never met jackson and it seems like several years before he was born that we last saw them out on their farm.

pictures soon!

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