Saturday, August 11, 2007

heyyyyy boo boo!

Camping 8-07

us and the nussbaums went up to the old catskills (home of the nevele, grossingers, the concorde hotel, and all the bungalow colonies) for a weekend visit to yogi bear's jellystone park campgrounds.

great campground for tents, rv's or cabin rental (our choice)...nice bathrooms, showers and facilities, along with every walk of life and their offspring. jews, gentiles, blacks, puerto-ricans, indians (the kind from india)....all enjoying the american way. that means all the stuff that comes with those cultures was up there too. you can imagine the scene at the pool. it was a little intimidating but fun nonetheless.

we also met paul, who was in his very early twenties late twenties, and probably up to the same number of cans of cheap beer in his belly, and somehow he got sean, chase, and jackson to sit with him up on his cabin porch and tell stories of his latest tour in iraq, and show them his tattoo: the same one he got with 11 of his buddies, only two of which were still alive including him. the kids were wide-eyed and wide-mouthed, kind of like the modern-day version of a ghost story around a campfire. for the rest of that evening and into the next morning, they were asking to go back over to "uncle paul's" (i take tribute for that moniker). it was pretty funny. paul wasn't the ripest banana in the bunch, and his lurking 18 year old ass-whooping half pyerto-rican-half-itialian-half irish girlfriend plus a case of pabst blue ribbon didn't help much in the brain department. what a scene.

jaden was a trooper. she loved the trees, loved the campfire, and loved hanging in the playpen next to the picnic table.

scott did the chef thing as usual. gourmet meals on the camping stove morning and night. delicious.

and it was jackson's big weekend for bicycling. the fact that we forgot his baseball glove and sean had his bike, and that we threw jack's bike in the van even though he never rides all helped fuel success. he spent a couple of minutes with me going back and forth on the camp road learning how to balance on two wheels, and that was it. he spent the rest of the weekend biking all the time!

a final hint...check the album above and see if you can find the full moon.

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