Sunday, August 12, 2007

camping retrospect from jackson

jackson and i are lying in bed for storytime on sunday night after a great camping weekend (see the next post for details). jackson wanted me to write some sentences that talk about the weekend from his point of view.

"when i started to ride my bike, i didn't think that i could do it because it was two wheels and i thought i couldn't remember how to do it. then i tried it but my dad still had to help me, and then i started to do it. then i tried a u turn and it was bumpy and i still could do it. then my cousin sean tried to do it and at first his bike always stopped. then he tried one more time and he could do it. then we both always did u turns and after we had to pull in a driveway and then started all over again. then earlier this morning we tried u turns but our bikes stopped because we were too tired but we still tried and then later we did it. then it was as good of a u turn as yesterday. then we had so much fun but sean fell twice but he was ok."

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