Monday, July 30, 2007

weekend update(s)

last weekend: big happy b-day #34 to jason. the weather was magnificent out at jeff and debbie's (again!)

here's the recap in pictures. let the slide show start or mouse over to go back and forth through the slides!

this weekend? crazy...a trip to long island this weekend turned into a two day marathon! jackson and the nussbaum kids, with aunt jenny too, spent the day at the beach saturday while cathy and jaden and i had some uneventful trips to ikea and expo for the new house. then we headed over (again!) to jeff's pool, minus jeff and debbie, but hung out with jason, beth, jerry, marcia, mom, vince, sammy, jordan and jaden. we all went to marcia's for chinese food.

then me, jeff, deb, and cathy busted a gut at the simpsons movie. pissssss-er. go see it.

after the movie, we went back to marcia's, maybe to leave for the night, maybe to sleep over, or maybe to go down to marion and al's to sleep. well, we stayed put, opened the aerobed, and had a big day sunday. here's the guest list:
  1. jono
  2. cathy
  3. jackson
  4. jaden
  5. cayo
  6. jeff
  7. debbie
  8. samantha
  9. lindsey
  10. caryn
  11. jenny
  12. scott
  13. sean
  14. chase
  15. michael
  16. adele
  17. ellyn (back from florida!!!! yayyyyy!)
  18. gabriella
  19. marcia
  20. jerry
  21. herbie (nice surprise!)
  22. talib (nice surprise too!)
  23. mary
  24. vince
  25. sammy
i think that's it.

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