Tuesday, July 17, 2007

just like hunan, doriental, and brooklyn

this weekend caryn, mom, vince, cathy, jaden, jackson, jason, beth, jordan, and I went to the modern-day version of the classic new york jew chinese restaurant. seven woks in scarsdale. it's been a supreme favorite since we found it a couple of years after we moved to the burbs, and now that there is all this new meshpucha, we can go there en masse just like the chinese restaurant exoduses of yesteryear.

the bonus at seven woks is the ceiling, because the babies love to marvel at the glass tiles (can you say "cheese"?) and i can take a photo of the whole gang (minus jaden's head) by pointing my iphone up in the air. it's a great way to keep us all from getting up and standing around one side of the table like at a wedding.

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