Tuesday, July 17, 2007

iphone verdict

overall, the iphone is a true gem. great ipod, great phone, beautiful interface that really works, great syncing, and there are a couple of great ringtones (marimba and old phone are my favorites).

as a first-release piece of technology, it is plenty flawed, but overall it's truly amazing. here are the problems, most of which can be fixed via a future software update (which is about due, considering apple's track record of releasing software updates).

  1. intermittent crashes: safari and youtube suddenly stop and the phone returns to the main screen every fifth or sixth time i use these two apps.
  2. 'home' preference: when you wake the iphone from standby, you should be able to set a preference that starts you off in the same place each time, regardless of what app the phone was in when you turned it off. this might be ok for some, but it should be a choice defined by the user.
  3. calendar: one great thing about the palm os (the system that was on my treo-from-hell) is that the calendar entries were based on timeslots. you would pick the time of day from a schedule, and then enter in your event. the iphone has too many steps: you have to scroll to set the appointment time, then enter the event name. really cool interface, but it gets in the way of a good old schedule page.
  4. to do, or not to do: where's a to-do list, task list, whatever you want to call it? nowhere to be found. this is a basic function of a pda. gotta get one.
  5. custom main menu: can't I choose the icons i want to see?
  6. what edge?: this one's not gonna get fixed by apple developers any time soon. the evil at&t's mobile edge technology is from the dark ages. it's like the modem in apartment 6i at 95 christopher street when i moved in back in '94. gimme a break.
there are probably more, most of which will be addressed as the team in cupertino listen and learn. great job steve, no pun intended.

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