Monday, July 30, 2007

house shots

it's been a while since i posted photos of the new house. this week we are installing the floors. all the drywall is done. interior doors are getting ordered today...paint prep is starting. the toilets have been delivered...garage doors are installed and working...much of the tile has arrived. pool is all set but we will close it for the season since we are not going to be swimming amidst the construction.

we planned on shutters outside the house; now we might bag that idea. as we paint more we will decide.

the barn is changing from a standard barn red to a rich chocolate-plum color. gorgeous!

and the kitchen should be done in about 6 weeks; only a little delayed beyond our expectations.

october 1 is the target! hope it sticks, but chances are it won't.

weekend update(s)

last weekend: big happy b-day #34 to jason. the weather was magnificent out at jeff and debbie's (again!)

here's the recap in pictures. let the slide show start or mouse over to go back and forth through the slides!

this weekend? crazy...a trip to long island this weekend turned into a two day marathon! jackson and the nussbaum kids, with aunt jenny too, spent the day at the beach saturday while cathy and jaden and i had some uneventful trips to ikea and expo for the new house. then we headed over (again!) to jeff's pool, minus jeff and debbie, but hung out with jason, beth, jerry, marcia, mom, vince, sammy, jordan and jaden. we all went to marcia's for chinese food.

then me, jeff, deb, and cathy busted a gut at the simpsons movie. pissssss-er. go see it.

after the movie, we went back to marcia's, maybe to leave for the night, maybe to sleep over, or maybe to go down to marion and al's to sleep. well, we stayed put, opened the aerobed, and had a big day sunday. here's the guest list:
  1. jono
  2. cathy
  3. jackson
  4. jaden
  5. cayo
  6. jeff
  7. debbie
  8. samantha
  9. lindsey
  10. caryn
  11. jenny
  12. scott
  13. sean
  14. chase
  15. michael
  16. adele
  17. ellyn (back from florida!!!! yayyyyy!)
  18. gabriella
  19. marcia
  20. jerry
  21. herbie (nice surprise!)
  22. talib (nice surprise too!)
  23. mary
  24. vince
  25. sammy
i think that's it.

Monday, July 23, 2007

dino meets blogger

check it out. dino is on the blog-wagon.


ride time

what a weekend. perfect weather, party all day at jeff and debbie's saturday, then again at jane and eric's on sunday. rode the harley all weekend, and got to hang with adam. lots of swimming. hopefully jeffrey and jason and cathy will email some of the great photos so i can get a gallery up on the blog.

in my ever-quest to re-paint and customize my harley, i'll start small: i am ordering a super cool police sl clock gauge for my handlebars. then maybe in october i'll send the bike to the shop for new paint and powder-coat. i am going for the same look as the 2007 night rod special, without buying a new bike and switching my riding style away from the softail.

gotta check and see how fat the back tire can get on my softail; the 240 on the night rod is sweet.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


cousin jeffrey befriended an architect/chef recently, and got a great tip: get a brisket at the kosher butcher, ask them to grind it, and use the meat for hamburgers, instead of the regular sirloin usually used for ground beef.

we tried it on the barbecue this past sunday, and damn those brisket burgers are g-o-o-d. we will be cooking up some more at jeffrey's place this weekend at jason's birthday bash by the pool.

iphone verdict

overall, the iphone is a true gem. great ipod, great phone, beautiful interface that really works, great syncing, and there are a couple of great ringtones (marimba and old phone are my favorites).

as a first-release piece of technology, it is plenty flawed, but overall it's truly amazing. here are the problems, most of which can be fixed via a future software update (which is about due, considering apple's track record of releasing software updates).

  1. intermittent crashes: safari and youtube suddenly stop and the phone returns to the main screen every fifth or sixth time i use these two apps.
  2. 'home' preference: when you wake the iphone from standby, you should be able to set a preference that starts you off in the same place each time, regardless of what app the phone was in when you turned it off. this might be ok for some, but it should be a choice defined by the user.
  3. calendar: one great thing about the palm os (the system that was on my treo-from-hell) is that the calendar entries were based on timeslots. you would pick the time of day from a schedule, and then enter in your event. the iphone has too many steps: you have to scroll to set the appointment time, then enter the event name. really cool interface, but it gets in the way of a good old schedule page.
  4. to do, or not to do: where's a to-do list, task list, whatever you want to call it? nowhere to be found. this is a basic function of a pda. gotta get one.
  5. custom main menu: can't I choose the icons i want to see?
  6. what edge?: this one's not gonna get fixed by apple developers any time soon. the evil at&t's mobile edge technology is from the dark ages. it's like the modem in apartment 6i at 95 christopher street when i moved in back in '94. gimme a break.
there are probably more, most of which will be addressed as the team in cupertino listen and learn. great job steve, no pun intended.

more things that suck

screw you, similac. first, you make the safety seal on your big bottles of formula impossible to open. yeah, there's a little plastic nub on the cap that's supposed to puncture the safety seal, but it works like crap. second, when you do finally get through the metal foil, the damn seal is glued on so tightly that there are always jaged edges of metal intruding on the mouth of the bottle. then, when you try to pour it, the stuff comes out all messy. but watch out for the next time you go to take the container out of the fridge and give it a shake. since the metal foil interferes with the screw-on cap, any shaking causes big and small globules of formula to get tossed all over your kitchen and yourself.

just like hunan, doriental, and brooklyn

this weekend caryn, mom, vince, cathy, jaden, jackson, jason, beth, jordan, and I went to the modern-day version of the classic new york jew chinese restaurant. seven woks in scarsdale. it's been a supreme favorite since we found it a couple of years after we moved to the burbs, and now that there is all this new meshpucha, we can go there en masse just like the chinese restaurant exoduses of yesteryear.

the bonus at seven woks is the ceiling, because the babies love to marvel at the glass tiles (can you say "cheese"?) and i can take a photo of the whole gang (minus jaden's head) by pointing my iphone up in the air. it's a great way to keep us all from getting up and standing around one side of the table like at a wedding.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

East Coast Choppers

Click the images or the album cover below to see more shots of sweet Jaden and her two bottom choppers. (you might have to look hard to find them, but they're there!)

From Jaden July 8

From Jaden July 8

From Jaden July 8

Jaden July 8

Trend Spotting

If you are smart, it will only take a second or two to realize that I post less and less as time goes on. This is a good example of how cool, fun, exciting things get tedious after time. I can probably find other areas of my life where I start things with a roar, and then fizzle to a slow drip after a while.

If you are reading this and you have known me for some time, post a comment and remind me of other parts of my life where I do this. Feedback is king.