Sunday, June 3, 2007

lauren and matthew

this weekend was a trip down memory lane for a few reasons.

cathy's cousin lauren huber (daughter of lloyd and nancy huber and sister of john, crystal, eliza, darryll, ashley, and will) was married down on aunt maudy's property in doylestown pa.

the memories were from lots of corners of my brain. first, all those hubers, all growed up, with a ton of kids. second, maudy's home and land, and pond, and her memory: sitting outside under her huge tree drinking lemonade. maudy had an amazing serenity that (to me) seemed to beam right out of her eyes...pure joy and a true love for everyone around her. this was my first time back since she passed, and every inch of the property felt like she was still there.

then there were memories of of peddler's village (where we stayed this time) and new hope, and new memories we just created on the back roads we explored thanks to the way the nav system took us in and out of town.

and finally, there were unexpected memories of jason and beth's wedding back in the late 90's (98?). why? well, yes, there was a wedding. and yes, it was in june. and yes, it was outdoors. and yes, it was as humid as could be. i mean wet. gross. hot.

after the wedding we had a date with grammy and grampa al at diary queen, and then we went into the hotel for some ait conditioning, showers, food, and sleep. we were all zonked, and even jaden slept through the night.

today we woke up and had brunch at the spotted hog, then walked through peddler's village and browsed all kinds of shops, and looked at photographs and paintings from local artists that were selling their crafts at a fair sprinkled throughout the village. it was nice, but uneventful until we happened upon a muralist whose work might be perfect for some of the big walls in the new house. we will talk to him in the next few weeks about commissioning something for us. His name is Michael A. Veneziale.

now we are home, watching some yanks/red sox, waiting for the storm.

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