Tuesday, June 12, 2007

a few of my favorite things

sometimes, on web sites like friendster, myspace, and other sites that allow you to create a profile, you are given a place to enter your favorite things. things like favorite music, favorite books, etc.

well, i had a favorite-item experience just now and i wanted to share it.

i went to the freezer for some rocky road ice cream from baskin-robbins. this is probably my favorite food. but i noticed something immediately: the rocky road that you buy from their freezer is not nearly as delicious as the stuff that is hand packed. it's like a totally different flavor.

other favorites are:
rice-a-roni chicken flavor
fresh cold blackberries
new york cheesecake from junior's or s&s
new york strip steak
cathy's omelettes with fresh sauteed spinach
almost anything my mom cooks
almost anything my mother-in-law marion cooks
almost anything joyce corso cooks
vince's gnocchi (hasn't made an appearance since the 80's i think)

coppola claret
dry vodka martinis dirty with olives
stoli or absolut orange and tonic

stuff from apple
my bathys hawaii watch
howard and sirius

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