Monday, May 21, 2007

weekend recap

friday: home, hung out. jackson had a birthday party to attend until after 8pm so we didn't go hang out with jason and beth and jordan and jules and el and mom and vince in brooklyn.

saturday: rainy day...woke up and mama cathy made eggs, bacon, and pancakes. jules and vince arrived and jackson and i left with them for baseball team photos in armonk. while we were there cathy and jaden and cayo left the house for montclair. the girls had massages scheduled.

(at some pont in the morning, there was a group i.m. chat session going on that resulted in plans with jeff and debbie and the twins to meet us later in the day and go to the short hills mall and then to dinner.)

we correctly assumed that the little league game would be canceled that day, and we were correct. so we went to check out the house. minsky hadn't seen it yet, and i needed to look at a few things and make some decisions. the stain is being applied to the barn siding, the chimney is started, and we are getting a quote for a circular driveway.

after visiting the house, we left for jersey. vince and jackson and i left the apartment almost as soon as we got there. of course we were off to play baseball, despite the on off drizzle and rain, and chilly weather. mid-practice a couple of local kids came by and joined us. the guy's name was daniel, and i don't know the girl's name but she was darn good, but claimed to never play. might be a natural.

we got home and prepared to leave for the mall. at some point thru all of this, we found two teeth in jaden's mouth!

....ok, there's a whole 'nuther day to post....but it's already monday morning and cathy and i are off to the javitz center for the contemporary furniture fair! byeeeeeeeee.

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