Wednesday, May 23, 2007

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team photo day

nephew jordan and uncle josh

saturday (continued from the last post): so me, jules, and the girls (eleanor, mary, cathy and jaden) went to the mall late saturday. vince and jack stayed home to watch the yanks/mets game. we met jeff and debbie at the apple store, then hung out til 8 in nordstrom , and headed to dinner. we went back to mon's and decided to crash there.

sunday was a baseball day. we all went to a nearby ball field and played and played. me, jules, jack, vince, mom and cathy. eleanor spent time catching up on the phone, and jaden hung out under some trees with her biggest brother cayo.

i was never much of a sport-o...but since jackson's baseball kick and my business with the yankees, i am a baseball fan and i play almost daily. it was never a big part of my childhood, but i definitely have the love for the game that other kids get when they are very young.

that's a set up for what happened next.

we were all on the ballfield at an old local school in montclair. it's not a school anymore; i think it houses the administration offices or something like that nowadays. while we were out there in the sun, loving the game, smelling the grass, and enjoying the breeze, i started to see something in the distance. young kids, dressed in baseball uniforms, started to appear in the distance...coming from nowhere...gathering...and starting to toss baseballs to each other just beyond the outfield. it was surreal; i thought i heard whispering in my head, and i think james earl jones was passing by in a vw bus. one kid came closer. he walked right into the middle of our game, looked at me without an ounce of trepidation, and took the mound ready to pitch. he was about 7, brown hair, brown eyes, and had on a baseball uniform, cap, and glove, but no team and no parents anywhere.

so now the field of dreams thing was really taking off. it was kinda like those nights in the graveyard up at syracuse.

then, everyone's giggling, whispering "if you build it, he will come" because the whole scene is too funny: we are a motley crew playing a half-ass game, me, jules, vince, jackson, and cathy...on an old field with no one around, and suddenly there's baseball everywhere, and this mystery kid on the mound asking if he can pitch to me.

so we let him join us, and then i ask him his name. so he says, "jonathan", and then cathy loses it, gets hysterical, and decides this is a little "me" in a different time, showing the path i didn't take as a seven-year-old. totally costner-esque like that movie.

anyway, this kid was an ace, and jackson had a peer in age and skill for the rest of the time we played, which was cut very short when my little guy sidelined himself with what might have been a little heatstroke due to no breakfast and no water.

click the album image below to see shots from the whole weekend, including new jordan pics!

minsky weekend 5/07

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